It’s ALL about the Silk Scrunchies & Hair Ties

We have 3 different sizes of hair ties and scrunchies for you to choose from depending on the style and look you want to achieve.

Silk Skinny High Ties are the thinnest ties that we make, they are ideal for holding all hair types from thick to thin. They are great for braids and half up half downs. Don't be fooled by these skinny ties they are strong ties they will hold thick and heavy hair high and in place all day. They also look great on your wrist, keep one close you never know when you might need it. Strong, stretchy elastic covered with beautiful 22mm grade 6A silk. Making sure your hair is healthy and happy.

Classic Black - Champagne - Blush Pink 

I'm So Midi are the in-between of ties & scrunchies. For the indecisive, we have the perfect match. These are half ties, half scrunchies. The perfect mix for those who don't want to go big with the New Yorker but want more than a Skinny High Tie. They don't tug or pull your hair yet they keep your hair perfectly in place with the strong elastic inside covered with our highest quality grade 6A silk 22mm.

Navy - Champagne - Blush Pink 

The New Yorker get yourself ready for broadway with the New Yorker Scrunchies. Strong elastic covered with our highest quality pure silk grade 6A 22mm. It will keep you looking stylish & care for your hair. This scrunchies isn't like any other with a beautiful sheen finish due to the 22mm silk that we use. It really does take your hair to another level of perfection.

Rose Gold - Blush Pink - Classic Black - Champagne

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