What’s So Good About Silk Pillowcases?

Anaphe Silk is high quality and not mixed with any other fabric.

Quality is Guaranteed 

Not All Pillow Cases Are Created Equally - Try Anaphe Silk Pillow Cases

At Anaphe Online we use only the highest quality silks. 22momme grade 6A. We use this silk in all of our products as it is the highest quality and has the most benefits, to learn more about the silk we use visit ‘About Our Silk

Our Silk Pillowcases are available in Queen size. A standard pillowcase size of 20inch x 30inch (51cm x 76cm). This fits all standard sized pillows. 

We currently have two types on closing available Zipper or Envelope style depending on your personal preference.

Investing in Silk Pillow cases can have a wealth of benefits. You spend on average 8 hours per day in bed, using a silk pillowcase protects your hair and skin from friction, meaning no more bed head hair and longer, stronger hair. With no friction hair can grow longer and it can prevent hair loss. This high quality silk is soft on your skin, helping to stop creases forming and helps your skin & hair to retain moisture. This is also good news for your night creams as it keeps your serums and creams on your face and not being absorbed by your cotton pillow case. Silk has a finer weave therefore is not absorbent, making your skin care work harder. 

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