Are your products real silk? 

Yes all of our products are 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk 22momme. We chose this silk as it is high quality, for skin & hair benefits it is the best & it has a beautiful shiny finish. Ultimate luxury.

Is the silk dye safe?

We use only natural non toxic dye. All of our products are safe.

Are the products hypoallergenic?

Yes 100%.

Why is silk better than cotton?

Silk has less friction, it doesn’t absorb moisture as quickly as cotton, there is no visible or feel of thread therefore stops creases and lines. Softer on your skin and hair.

Why a silk turban and pillow case? Can I just buy one or the other?

Both products have different advantages. The Silk pillow case is famous for skincare and hair care. However, to keep your blow dry perfect the turban/ hair wrap cocoons your hair, preventing moisture loss & preventing dehydration. The hair turban keeps everything in place until morning.

The combination of silk hair turban/ wrap and silk pillow case is ideal as you can care for both your skin and your hair to the ultimate degree. Both hair and skin are cared for and style is maintained. 

What currency are the products sold using?

 All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars.

Are your products packaged or gift wrapped?

Yes our products will arrive in a Anaphe gift bag either Black or pink depending on the product and size. If you need more than one gift bag send us a message after you have placed your order.