Meet The Palm Print - Save The Orangutan

Meet The Palm Print - Save The Orangutan

Our first print for 2023 is a beautiful palm print to raise awareness for deforestation & the impact on wildlife.

We will be donating from every print sold to Save The Orangutan (

We chose this charity after copious amounts of research. Here are our highlights -

• 2012 - 2020 Save The Orangutan Foundation rehabilitated and released 468 orangutans back into the wild. At the same time they supported the care of 417 orangutans at Nyaru Menteng & Samboja Lestari rehabilitation center.

• In 2020, the foundation replanted 37,778 trees which equates to 34 hectares of orangutan habitat.

• They now protect and monitor 11,500 wild orangutans.

• Transparency; Save The Orangutan Foundation spent 80.5% of its income on conservation projects and raising awareness, 8.7% on fundraising activities, and 4.5% on administration.

(exclusive Anaphe hand drawn Palm Print)

What can you do? Support the charity directly or through our Palm Print. You can also volunteer at the rehabilitation centre for 2 weeks in Borneo. For more information contact the charity directly or DM us & we will forward the volunteer pack to you.

Our promise, for every purchase of our palm print we will adopt 1 Orangutan for 1 month. Our aim is to adopt a minimum of 75 Orangutans

Wear the print, open conversations when people compliment your dress, tell them the cause, direct people to the charity & let’s make this happen!

Love always,


Founder of Anaphe


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