About Us


 Our Story

Hi! I'm Katy the founder of Anaphe, I am passionate about silk. I created Anaphe to make silk accessible at reasonable prices without compromising quality.

I'm originally from England & I have lived in the Middle East & Asia for almost 10 years. In this time the different environments such as desalinated water, humidity & strong sun has taken it's toll on my hair & skin. I needed to find something that would help to care for my hair and at the same time protect my skin from dehydration which can cause fine lines & wrinkles. I spoke to many haircare professionals & researched what different cultures use. I found many different options but the one option that I felt compelled to learn more about was silk. 

For many years ladies across the Middle East & Asia have traditionally wrapped their hair in silk scarfs to protect their hair while they sleep. I tried this technique & I loved the results but I wanted to take this idea further to find something that wouldn't become loose through the night to give my hair the ultimate protection.

The Anaphe Pillowcase was the first product to be created. The results not only helped my hair but also my skin benefited in many ways that I never expected. 

This is where my passion for silk really started. I wanted to create the ultimate silk experience & develop different ways to use silk for beauty & self care. 

I went back to the idea of wrapping my hair in luxurious 22momme silk. After many prototypes I finally found the perfect Anaphe Sleep Hair Wrap. The Anaphe Sleep Hair Wrap stops tangles, maintains your style & prevents friction breakage & split ends. It also balances your hair oils to stop greasy roots and dry ends. After receiving such positive feedback I decided to continue the range and add hair accessories, our best selling scrunchies, hair ties & headbands.

We then as a team later developed our beautiful silk face mask to prevent skin irritations, protect from pollution & UV. Our silk face mask is 22momme mulberry silk & is most likely the most comfortable mask you will ever wear. We trialled more than 10 styles before we found the perfect fit with adjustable earlobes & nose band plus filter pocket. We created this face mask not only to use silk but to attempt to help with sustainability. Single use masks create a lot of waste & impact our environment. Our face masks are reusable & reasonably priced. 

Our Promise

Anaphe is more than just another silk brand we have strong ethical values & we support out local community through various projects.

Our goal is to provide you with the most beautiful silks at reasonable prices without impacting our ethical standards.

Silk products are a beauty industry best kept secret used by dermatologists, celebrity hair stylists & beauty experts. Helping to give you healthy shiny hair and beautiful glowing skin. 

The silk we use to make our beautiful products is grade 6A, we chose this silk as it is durable & kind to your skin & hair. Giving you the best possible results.

We make products that work and are practical to use.

Silk Benefits

Silk can help to Prevent Hair Loss Stop Tangles, Anti-Ageing, Anti Crease, Promote Healthy Hair Growth, Extend Your Blow Dry, Make Your Skincare Work Harder.


Anaphe mailers are biodegradable they are made from cornstarch. All Anaphe products are delivered in cornstarch biodegradable zip lock bags that you can reuse & then recycle. 


Anaphe silks are ethically sourced from small silk mills. Our products are standard 100 OEKO-TEX tested for harmful substances. Dye-safe & non-toxic.