What to wear under your silks! Let’s get undressed

When it comes to wearing a silk dress, the right undergarments can make all the difference in achieving a seamless and elegant look. Here are some tips on what to wear under your silk dress:

Shape wear: If you prefer more shaping and support, choose seamless or low-profile shape wear that offers a sleek foundation without adding bulk. Look for styles specifically designed to remain invisible under clothing.


Many of our yummy mummies told us that Skims Sheer shape wear is the best! Including a hi-five vote from Katya Virshillas who tried and tested them out while wearing our Seren Halter Dress. We love that they come in so many colours to suit many skin tones and they have a low back which is perfect for our backless dresses. Thanks Kim ;)

Prefer something minimal? Opt for nude-coloured seamless underwear to ensure that no lines or seams show through the delicate fabric of your silk dress. Seamless underwear helps maintain a clean and polished silhouette. Choose a colour slightly darker than your skin tone to ensure there’s no show through with whites and light colours. The best we found are Intimissi Seamless 

Silk V Dress/ Silhouette Dress/ Mini Slip Cowl Dress: Depending on the style of your silk dress, you may need a strapless or convertible bra if you prefer the straps remain concealed. Look for a well-fitted bra that provides adequate support without compromising comfort. 

Our team wear intimissi Monica Ultra Light Microfibre Bandeau Bra.


Dresses with plunging necklines or open backs, fashion tape can be a handy accessory to secure the dress in place and prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.

Backless Dresses; The type of undergarments you choose should complement the specific style and cut of your silk dress. For example, with our backless dress you may want to try adhesive cups

We love getboomba.com sticky bra or Anaphe nipple covers.

Ultimately, choose undergarments that make you feel comfortable and confident. The right undergarments can enhance the overall look and feel of your silk dress, allowing you to move with ease and grace.

Keep in mind that personal preferences will influence your choices. Experiment with different undergarments to find the combination that best suits your individual style and ensures a flawless, polished look when wearing your silk dress.

Ultimately don’t be afraid to try, many of our regular customers hesitated when they tried their first Anaphe dress but they were quickly converted due to the beautiful flattering cut and quick fixes for those personal preferences with underwear. 

Our gorgeous Katya Virshillas said these are a game changer and stunned in our Seren Halter Dress;

Katya's top tips

1. Sticky Bra from Boomba

2. Skim's Sheer Sculpt Low Back 



  • Love this! Really helpful and gives me the confidence to wear silk as I was worried about my post baby body. Great tips

  • Love this, super helpful and gives me the confidence to try out these beautiful silk dresses!


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